I’m a Senior Research Engineer at Samsung Research America, California. My research interest lies in using applied Machine Learning to understand, model, and predict human behavior, especially structured spatiotemporal behavior, from large corpus of automatically collected sensor and behavior data.

I apply the lessons learned to support people in their daily lives, make technology more accessible, allow people to find actionable insights about them, and to find solutions for the ever growing resource consumption problem of our society, which was a large focus of my earlier research work. By predicting a user’s movements through open and closed spaces I believe it is possible to develop systems and applications that support Sustainability (esp. temperature control). Possible applications can be but are not limited to: automatic control of appliances, lights, or temperature regulation, elderly care, emergency response, but also pervasive systems that aim at changing a user’s behavior.

My research uses lessons learned in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) methods and combines them with applied Machine Learning to not only explore, design, and develop sustainabile solutions that have an impact on current consumption, but also to make sure that the developed systems are well accepted by users.

To satisfy the latter goal I’m also intersted in how Machine Learning and ambient sensors can be used to detect a user’s current comfort level and predict the impact of changing environmental variables (light, temperature, etc.) on the comfort of users. To achieve this it is important to understand impact factors on a person’s comfort level and find ways to not only measure them, but also design systems that learn these highly individual factors.

I received a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, where I was advised by Anind Dey, Jennifer Mankoff, and Ian Oakley. I received my German Diplom (MSc equivalent) in Computer Science with a minor in Math from RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

I’m part of Anind Dey’s Ubicomp Lab group at CMU. We are focusing on usable machine learning to solve real-world problems such as sustainability and health care. In addition I’m an external collaborator at the Interactions Lab at UNIST working with Prof. Ian Oakley. I’m a member of ACM SigCHI and IEEE.